Attack of the Cow

With around 22 people dying from cow attacks in the US each year, you’re statistically more likely to be killed by a cow, than a shark. In fact, < 1 person is killed each year by sharks (< 6 worldwide).

Typically I only heard about this statistic shortly after starting work on a dairy farm, but I still didn’t worry too much about working up close with cows, that was until the ‘attack of the cow’ day.

I’d just got back from a run and was walking up the driveway towards my house when a herd of heifers grazing in the next paddock decided to follow me from behind. All it took was Bobby, the ring leader, to show some interest and before I knew it the whole herd were coming up behind me!

Being friendly I stopped and gave Bobby a pet. Next think I knew she started trying to head butt and charge me. I pushed her back then turned and ran through my gate, closing it quickly behind me, it was a close call!

Ok… so maybe she was only playing, and being a young heifer, didn’t know her own strength! But it did make me very aware of just how strong and powerful these animals can be! Their skulls are rock hard and they can weigh over 500kg, if you were to get charged, or even accidentally crushed against a fence or gate, it could be pretty bad.

I still like cows though.